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Dogs of Course offers dog behavior and dog training seminars, dog training workshops, K9 Nose Work Camps, and dog training instructor courses for professionals and hobby trainers as well as dog-related charitable and educational activities. Dogs of Course, owned and run by Dana C. Crevling, is dedicated to improving dogs' lives through education and building stronger bonds between dogs and their owners.

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Featured Events:

The Elite Experience, a K9 Nose Work® seminar with Amy Herot, March 5th in Hudson, MA. Explore the NW3 journey to Elite and beyond. All NW enthusiasts with a basic understanding of the K9 Nose Work® training techniques are welcome.

K9 Nose Work Training Camps

2016 GA K9 Nose Work Training Camp: April 7 - 10, 2016.  3.5 days, 4 nights. We need to fill a few more Logistics Team Member spots. Details are on the camp webpage.

2016 Oregon K9 Nose Work Training Camp: June 23-28, 2016. 4 days, 6 nights. Read all about it! Registration will open December 14 at 9:00AM PST.


Happy Instructor Training Course Participants!
Happy Professional Dog Training Course Participants!

Instructor Training Courses (ITC)An innovative education experience that brings the instructor back to the classroom for professional development. 

"I liked the laid back, relaxed, positive atmosphere combined with the well planned structure and organization."

"A must for anyone that wants to excel as a dog training instructor."


Peanut traveled from Arkansas to NY and was adopted from the astounding Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption.

Recent Fundraisers and Community Events

K9 Nose Work Training Camp 2015 in CO raised $2186 for the Colorado Pet Pantry which distributes pet food to families in need. The amount raised will feed 546 pets for one month. Thank you to all the Campers who donated items for our raffle and for purchasing tickets. You're taking care of the community in a special way.
K9 Nose Work Training Camp 2015 in PA raised over $2000 for Operation Delta Dog, a nonprofit organization that  rescue and trains shelter dogs to work as service dogs for veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
One of the PA Campers donated $10,000 for a full scholarship that covers all expenses for the 18-month training period for one dog.
We want to thank all the PA Campers for their donations to support Operation Delta Dog.

Art for Animals - Do you collect dog art? Do you have dog art that is just gathering dust? Would you like to help the MSPCA Angels for Animals Dog Training Scholarship Fund? If you live in Massachusetts stop by DOGS! Learning Center in Hudson, MA to see the charity art sale. Contact Dana if you would like to donate art.

Click here to read about other fundraising events both big and small.


Dog Training Seminars, Instructor Courses, K9 Nose Work Camps