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Dogs of Course offers dog behavior and dog training seminars, dog training workshops, K9 Nose Work Camps, and dog training instructor courses for professionals and hobby trainers as well as dog-related charitable and educational activities. Dogs of Course, owned and run by Dana C. Crevling, is dedicated to improving dogs' lives through education and building stronger bonds between dogs and their owners.

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We have room for 3 more full registrants in ITC: Modifying Behavior. Modifying Behavior is an intermediate level course for the experienced professional or volunteer/hobby trainer interested in behavior work with shelter or pet dogs. Introduced in 2015, we're excited about being able to offer this intense course again in 2016. 

2016 Pennsylvania K9 Nose Work Training Camp: September 2-6, 2016. 3.5 days, 4 nights. Registration is closed. See you at camp! 


Happy Instructor Training Course Participants!
Happy Professional Dog Training Course Participants!

Instructor Training Courses (ITC)An innovative education experience that brings the instructor back to the classroom for professional development. 

"I liked the laid back, relaxed, positive atmosphere combined with the well planned structure and organization."

"A must for anyone that wants to excel as a dog training instructor."


Peanut traveled from Arkansas to NY and was adopted from the astounding Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption.



Recent Fundraisers and Community Events

Providing support to charities that improve the lives of dogs and their people is an important aspect of Dogs of Course events. 











Dog Training Seminars, Instructor Courses, K9 Nose Work Camps