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Welcome to Dogs of Course!

Dogs of Course offers a variety of training and behavior workshops, K9 Nose Work Camps and instructor training courses for professionals, hobbyists and volunteers in the dog training, behavior, sheltering and dog care industries.

Dogs of Course, owned and run by Dana C. Crevling, is dedicated to improving dogs' lives by helping build stronger bonds between dogs and their owners by offering quality educational events and charitable activities.


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Featured Events:

2018 TX K9 Nose Work Training Camp, January 18-22, 2018 in Wimberly, TX. 

Amy Herot and Sue Sternberg. October 7-8 in Hudson, MA. Two great presenters in one weekend! The Young Nose Work Dog: From Puppies to Adolescents with Amy Herot and From The Outside In: a Behavioral View of Your Nose Work Dog with Sue Sternberg. Registration is open!

Happy Instructor Training Course Participants!
Happy Professional Dog Training Course Participants!

Instructor Training Courses (ITC)An innovative education experience that brings the instructor back to the classroom for professional development.

The Instructor Training Courses will return in 2018.

"I liked the laid back, relaxed, positive atmosphere combined with the well planned structure and organization."

"A must for anyone that wants to excel as a dog training instructor."





Fundraisers and Community Events
Supporting charities that improve the lives of dogs and their people is an important aspect of Dogs of Course events. 

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Dog Training Seminars, Instructor Courses, K9 Nose Work Camps